Who we are

Alice RTDI Consortia Ltd was founded in 2007 in Helsinki by Liisa Lintunen, PhD (Econ. and Business admin.), Managing director. Our scope is research, technology development and business development.


Awareness raising

The aim is to raise awareness of the benefits of hydrogen and fuel cell (H2FC) technology solutions for electricity production and end-consuming.

Knowledge production

The aim is to produce knowledge to meet recognized and clearly defined needs or answer to the questions of a company who aims at enhancing its H2FC technology business and accelerate the growth of H2FC sector.

Use value production for a company’s customers

The aim is to develop specific market-based value along the downstream activities of the value chain.

Strategy Production

The aim is to form in collaboration a strategy and/or business model to a company to enhance business.


The aim is to gather information available related to global hydrogen and fuel cell (H2FC) industry, its products, companies, and the development of the market.


The aim is to do research and produce knowledge about global H2FC sector.


Respect of nature

It is important to maintain clean food production and healthy, beautiful environment.

Customer-specific use value

The necessity of business is to bring specific use value to the customers who value clean energy production and zero carbon footprint, easy access to nature, safe and clean environment both in countryside and cities.

Knowledge sharing and trust

Needed to form partnerships and collaboration.

Education and learning

The essence of development of business.


Stamina to work.


A way to especial life.



To be a knowledge producer and a knowledge merchant to accelerate the use of clean H2FC technology in energy production and end-consuming in selected product-market segments.

Market-based value

To be a collaborator to produce the market-based value for a company in H2FC industry;


To be an advocate and a collaborator of a company to form a strategy and business models for H2FC technology related business.


Knowledge and research

Education and learning